Penny Ranch


 We offer appraisal services to anyone who wants to know more about the current value of their collection. Whether it's a large estate, an inherited collection, or a small amount coins saved over the years, no collection is too big or small. Most collections can be appraised in a very short period of time. In these circumstances, we offer the service at no charge. If the appraisal takes more than an hour, then we charge for our time. All fees will be refunded if the collection is sold to us, so there is never a charge for collections that we end up purchasing. We never pressure anyone.


Why Choose Penny Ranch

At the Penny Ranch we believe that transparency is very important when buying or selling. The price of gold and silver is posted in the store and updated daily. We are not a pawn shop and don't loan money or cash checks. We try to provide an honest opinion based on market conditions and demand for your items. Buying or selling can make people uneasy. This is very common. The best advice is to come down to the shop and speak with Jeff and ask questions. Get to know him and see if you feel your being treated fair. If a dealer is not willing to take the time to answer questions then you may want to find another dealer. At the Penny Ranch we truly want to earn your business. 


Real testimonials

Rod N.
4 months ago-
Jeff is friendly and fair. He made selling our silver easy and payed the cash we needed to handle some unexspected bills.

Iam H.
10 months ago-
Jeff was great to work with. He paid a fair price for the items I offered to him. And he is knowledgable and helpful. Penny Ranch, from my experience, is a reputable and competent dealer.

Paula S.

a year ago-
I worked with Jeff today on a small coin collection that I had. He was very knowledgeable and patient. It was a pleasure doing business with him and he took the time to look at everything and gave me fair prices on my things. I  would highly recommend him if you have items that your not sure about. I will continue
to give him my business,he is honest and fair.

Other items we buy and sell

Even though our main business is coins , gold and silver bullion, and jewelry. We also buy and sell pocket watches, currency notes, estate jewelry, vintage stamps, good for tokens and vintage sports cards.

How To Find Us

Our address is 

16 N. 9th Ave. suite # 1

Bozeman Montana 59715

We're next to "It's Greek To Me".

We are right behind the laundry mat called    "The Clothesline". We share the same parking lot and there is plenty of easy parking. 

About Penny Ranch

Penny Ranch is a locally owed business here in Bozeman Montana. Jeff started the business in 2012 to follow his passion for coins.  He  wants his business to be known for being fair and honest to his customers. Jeff graduated from Washington state university with a business degree. He and his family love Bozeman and plan on being here a very long time.